Memory Care Tip: A person living with one of the various diseases that cause dementia may experience symptoms from memory loss to speech problems and vision decline, but the greatest complaints are boredom and loneliness. 

Why do boredom and loneliness top the list? In most cases, caregivers (often, family members) are at a loss of how to provide dementia-related care. Symptoms like memory loss have changed the relationship, and it’s common to feel at a loss of what to do. 

Many caregivers experience difficult behaviors from their patient with dementia. Examples are struggling to get the person to cooperate with eating and bathing, as well as sundowning- related problems such as agitation, paranoia, repetitive speech, and increased confusion in the afternoon or evening hours. In a lot of cases, these challenging behaviors are a direct result of the patient’s unchecked needs surrounding boredom and loneliness, which must be addressed in order to improve their quality of life. Let’s review some ways to feed these emotional needs. 

Dementia expert Teepa Snow teaches that most important thing to understand about meaningful activities is that a person with dementia needs more than just…

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