We finish the year 2020 with some astounding economic contrasts. The real estate universe versus compared to the overall economy

Some highlights from the East Bay stand out. Exceptionally low numbers of homes for sale.

*10 active listings in Livermore in December for a population of 86,493. 20% increase in prices year-to-date. 5th straight month average prices over $1,000,000.

*San Ramon 8 active listing and houses selling 106% above list.

*Dublin, 8 active listings. Population 60,000

Danville 23 active listings. Average sales price increase $213,393 year-to-date

*Pleasanton had 13 active SFR homes with average sales price in December $1,741,862.

All areas are selling above asking price. Buyers are flocking to the East Bay from Silicon Valley. Well-qualified buyers who work for Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, etc. are desperate for homes, with many homes selling for $100,000, $150,000, $200,000 over asking price. Crazy market. In my 28 years selling real estate I’ve never seen such a feeding frenzy for homes, especially what is usually a “slow” time for real estate.

If you are a senior looking either to downsize, relocate, or move to a senior community, your home has never been worth more. If you own rental property you need to be aware of the impact that Prop. 19 will have.

I will be your guide through the complex process of selling, I’m with you all the way.

https://jeffkatzhomes.com/home-worth/ to get an approximation of your home’s current market value!

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