The astonishing sellers market is more difficult for buyers. The old news of exceptionally low inventory, homes selling in most areas 110% or more over asking price, and big price jumps year to year are squeezing buyers in every price range. Livermore being the most “affordable” with the average single family home selling for $1,152, 942, compared to the average in Danville, $1,925,179.


Where are the buyers coming from? Silicon Valley, San Francisco, heading to the more “affordable” suburbs of the East Bay. Buyers need to be totally prepared and comfortable giving up their contingency rights (inspection, appraisal, financing) to compete. Never a strategy I recommend but one in step with the competitive reality of bidding wars and overheated markets.


Consider making offers on homes that have already done their inspections, (pest, roof , home, pool if applicable) for added “peace of mind.” Don’t ask ‘how much am I willing to pay” but ask ” how much more would I comfortably be willing to pay. Make your first offer your best offer. Ask your agent how they will “package” your offer, very important. Ask yourself if I was the seller what would I be looking for? The highest price does not always get the deal either, terms are critically important, as much so as price. Clean sells. Clean homes sell, clean offers sell sellers.

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