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What Should Caregivers Know About Medicare?

Medicare is a federal government health insurance program primarily for people age 65 and older. It may also cover younger adults with disabilities.

There are different plans and coverage options within Medicare.

Your loved one or family member may be enrolled in Original Medicare, which includes two components: Part A for hospital insurance and Part B for medical coverage.

In this case, your loved one may also have a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan. Some Original Medicare beneficiaries also have a supplemental insurance plan, also known as Medigap, which helps cover deductibles and other costs.

Part D and Medigap plans are administered by private companies that Medicare reimburses.

Alternatively, your friend or family member may be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage, or Part C, plan.

This option is also administered by a private company. Medicare Advantage plans must provide the same basic coverage as Original Medicare but may also bundle other benefits — such as drug coverage, vision, hearing and dental — into a single plan.

All Medicare enrollees are issued a red, white and blue Medicare card. They may also have a separate Medicare Advantage or Part D card, if they’re enrolled in these programs.

If you can’t locate these cards, you and your loved one can call the Medicare helpline together. Or, your loved one can complete a form authorizing Medicare to release information to you.

To learn more, call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

It’s helpful to have certain information handy as you navigate your loved one’s Medicare coverage.

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